Baltic II Offshore Windfarm

EnBW is developing the Baltic 2 Offshore Windfarm, which formerly was known as Kiegersflak, in the western part of the Baltic Sea. The wind farm consists of 80 (eighty) 3.6 MW wind turbine generators (WTG’s) mounted on thirty-one (31) monopile and thirty-none (39) jacket type foundations and one (1) offshore substation (OSS). The offshore wind farm (OWF) is developed by Employer.

MOVE was requested to support this Client for Contract and Procedure review in order to minimize the risk for the Client, both financially and during the Construction Phase.

Recently MOVE was requested to support EnBW in reviewing the “reasonable endeavour” clause for the trenching contract of the array cables within the Baltic II windfarm.

Project details


Contract and Procedure Review


December 2012 - March 2015