Tennet support for Dolwin Beta

MOVE Renewable has been asked to support TenneT for the cable installation and burial of the export cables from Godewind 1 and 2, Nordsee 1 and the bundled DC and Fiber Optic cables from Dolwin Beta to shore. The experience from MOVE Renewable is well received within the Dolwin Beta cable team and as a result of that the requests have been made already to provide additional support to TenneT for the Dolwin 3 and Wind op Zee, the Borselle project.

MOVE Renewable is seen as a reliable partner willing to share their knowledge and knowhow of the Industry


Project details

TenneT Offshore GmbH

overseeing Contractors to TenneT during cable installation and burial, supporting TenneT with document review and approvals and interface management

German Bight 32.6 kilometer offshore north from the Island Nordeney