Offshore Wind Farms & Energy Solutions

MOVE Renewable is an independent company dedicated to supply reliable and professional expertise in the Offshore (Renewable) Energy sector, for Operators and Contractors.

MOVE Renewable provides Cable Installation, Protection and Burial expertise for new to build and existing Offshore Wind Farms with the provision of Project and/or Package Management on Engineering, QA/QC, HSE, Installation and Execution Services, Contracts Management, Construction support such as Survey Works, Engineering, HSE Services Onshore and Offshore. Our quality and safety is ensured by operating an ISO Complaint Management System.

MOVE Renewable works closely together with CPNL to provide Cable Protection Solutions for new to build and existing Offshore Wind Farms.


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    Quality Guaranteed

    MOVE is operating a Management System compliant to ISO standards.


    Our “one stop” solutions is made possible through a combinations of skills and trades. This includes Project and/or Package Management, Engineering, Installation and Execution Services for new to build and existing Offshore Wind Farms including the provision of Cable Protection Systems and equipment rental/development.

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